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  Changhe company business philosophy: integrity management, quality service
  Changhe company quality policy: a pragmatic; pioneering customer service; sustainable development
  Changhe company internal corporate culture:
  ① return to society with excellent products and fast service.
  ② do a highly efficient, pragmatic, innovative, enterprising Changhe.
  ③ to do a integrity, integrity, dedication, dedication of the Changhe.
  ④ company is the enterprise and the staff of the common survival and development platform.
  ⑤ company is a total of the system, the interests of sharing, the risk of sharing the family.
  ⑥ company is a school, employees in the enterprise to make dedication, get the same time, their quality will be improved. Keep making progress, for their own to create higher value.
  Changhe in the pursuit of market and performance at the same time, the same emphasis on the construction of corporate culture. Through long-term efforts and relentless pursuit, the company has formed a good corporate culture atmosphere, for the development of the river continue to inject new vitality.
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