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  You are welcome to visit the long river electronic website, where you can fully understand the development of our company.
  Is a set of high-quality management team and technical elite, through the past ten years of careful, the company has a number of high-quality management team and technical elite, through the past ten years of careful development, production and sales of specialized terminals, terminal blocks, terminals, connectors, connector manufacturers, The main products are: CA series of shrapnel terminals, CT series of lifting terminals, CP series of plug-in, the use of UL, VDE, CB, CQC, ROHS and other certification, the factory has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. Type CS series of screw-free terminal blocks, CK series fence terminal blocks, CZ series of through-type terminals, all kinds of single and double row of pins and IC socket.
  The sea with its broad, satisfied that the sea and its vast; mountain with its heavy, calendar vicissitudes of life and vigorous. We are in the mountains of the vigorous, the sea wide, integrity, pragmatic quality, dedication, innovative style, the pursuit of excellence, to achieve the spirit of development by leaps and bounds, to achieve "to create a century enterprise, steady development of two decades" To the motherland inside and outside the Great Wall, north and south, to fight the market, to embrace the bright and beautiful tomorrow.
  In recent years, we are long river eager to rule, courageously struggle to develop a new world. Successively in Suzhou, Zhongshan, Xiamen, Foshan and other places set up factories and offices. We based on the "into the market without success," the base point, adhere to the "terminal, terminal-based, multiple concurrently, across the development of the Group operation" development strategy, adhering to the "reputation for life, product-led to quality To rely on to serve as a guarantee to price as a lever to profit as the center "of the marketing idea, with a strong belief and perseverance to establish the long river group's product reputation and corporate image, in the terminal, terminal Taiwan industry unique A beautiful charming landscape.
  We would like to mountain as simple, sea-like mind, GUANG company of friends, more willing to friends with the heart, love, hands pull, side by side to the modernization of the motherland's brilliant future!
  Thank you for your company's attention and support. You are welcome to submit your valuable comments and suggestions through our website. You are welcome to visit the long river electronic access guide.
Dongguan City Changhe Electronics Co., Ltd.General Manager
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