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Talent Strategy to Ensure the Realization of Enterprise Development Strategy

  Dongguan City Changhe Electronics Co., Ltd. in the implementation of the talent strategy, breaking the routine, consciously in accordance with the laws of the market, knowledge talent, talent development, selection of talent, the use of talent, personnel training. This point, for the development of the company has played a vital role.
First, establish a new concept of talent, establish the company's talent strategy 
  In the socialist market economy, the competition between enterprises, in the final analysis is the talent competition, "talented people have the market", enterprises only have the talent, and make it effective, can occupy the commanding heights of market competition. Long Changhe company's talent strategy, breaking the simple enterprise human resources management, and establish a business with the purpose of corporate economic development ideas consistent with the new concept of talent.  
  First, human resources is the most important and indispensable element in enterprise development. Human resources and natural resources constitute the sum of corporate wealth. And human resources with initiative and creativity, so human resources in the development of enterprises occupies a special status.  
  Second, talent is the most critical factor in the development of enterprises, as long as the strict accordance with the laws of science, give full play to the company's various types of staff enthusiasm and creativity, what miracle can happen, so to do business must respect talent,  
  Third, the labor force is a kind of thinking, emotional special resources, so there is different from the value of general merchandise, the price, in the course of use, the enterprise must meet the labor force, safety, social, respect and self-value realization and so on Requirements, only its so, in order to glow the enthusiasm of all levels of talent.  
  Fourth, talent is a special group of labor, is the essence of labor, is the backbone of enterprise development, is the first enterprise resources, but also a scarce resource.  
Fifth, the enterprise development All resources are from the market, it must be for the market development and utilization of human resources, and make it in the market competition efficiency, we must increase the investment in human resources in exchange for "return".  
  It is with this understanding, so that we regard talent as a treasure, in the Changhe company "respect for knowledge, respect for talent" is no longer a slogan, but with the survival and development of enterprises are closely linked to the real action; With this understanding, so that the company established a new concept of talent, that is: talent strategy is consistent with the enterprise development strategy, must be combined with the company's long-term development strategy and different stages of development needs, in accordance with the laws of the market The way of operation, to take a variety of ways to develop, introduce, use and training. And according to the actual talent and quality of talent, through the way the market placement of talent to the most talented post, to play a role, and its labor to give a reasonable return, in order to achieve the effective development of human resources and rational use. Talent strategy and the overall strategy of the enterprise consistency, so that the company's natural resources and human resources development has been organic unity, the two together to play the maximum benefits, and promote the enterprises continue to win the market competition.  
Second, the development of human resources, the implementation of talent strategy 
  In recent years, we based on the development of enterprises to the spirit of reform, aimed at social and business two human resources market, continue to tap the talent, and constantly expand the channels of talent development, the maximum development and savings of talent to achieve talent development, To the development of enterprises to absorb more talent of the virtuous circle.  
  First, the human resources development as an important task of enterprise development, the development of human resources throughout the entire process of enterprise development.
  Second, targeting the social and enterprise two human resources market, the formation of market development model. With the deepening of reform and opening up, especially the establishment and development of the socialist market economic system, many people on their own value and the realization of the form of a great change in the concept of a wider range of selection of talents to provide the conditions. Therefore, we propose that in the development of human resources, we must aim at society. From 2008 to 2010 a few years, held more than 40 consecutive large-scale job fairs, a total of 80 kinds of talent employed. At the same time to recruit college graduates, reserve development. In addition, mining talent within the enterprise is the implementation of the talent strategy of another joint. We take a fair competition within the way, breaking the routine, eclectic selection of talent.  
  Third, combined with enterprise development planning for talent development strategy to predict, so that the implementation of enterprise development planning and personnel development of the harmonization. The headquarters of the company will submit the recruitment plan according to the needs of the end of each year. The HR department will submit the plan to the company's talent strategy committee after discussion. The talent strategy committee will determine the type and quantity of the personnel recruitment according to the enterprise development plan and the annual task. To be targeted, but also forward-looking, put an end to the blindness of talent recruitment and talent waste.  
  Fourth, take a variety of ways to make the development of talent more systematic. Long Changhe company to adopt a way to expand the way channels. Every year we use the news media to advertise, publish job information. At the same time, the development of enterprises need to focus on the development of specialized personnel, has to colleges and universities and research institutes to recruit high-level talent; to bankruptcy enterprises to hire advertising; play linkage effect, so that talent has been re-recommended Talent. In recent years, although we only recruit nearly 80 people, but these people are selected from nearly a thousand candidates out.  
  Fifth, the normative process, so that the selection of talent more scientific and reasonable. Changhe Company invites personnel to participate in the recruitment conference held every year, the recruitment of the General Assembly as a comprehensive study of talent in the process, forming a rigorous and scientific development process. In the recruitment of the General Assembly, the company candidates for theoretical knowledge comprehensive written examination, to examine their level of expertise and writing skills, on this basis, examine the candidates work experience and practical ability. Each candidate should go through the professional group members, team leader, general manager of the multi-round interview, combined with the company's job needs, its quality, ability, adaptability of a comprehensive study, both heavy knowledge level of work capacity, and finally To conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Through years of practice, talent selection procedures and mechanisms are increasingly standardized.  
  Sixth, increase capital investment to ensure the smooth development of talent development. Changhe company every year to invest 2-3 million or so for the recruitment of advertising, in addition to candidates each year to participate in the recruitment of the traffic, accommodation costs are paid by the company. Over the past three years, we have spent nearly $ 100,000 on the economic input of talent recruitment.
Third, create a growth atmosphere, play talent benefits 
  We strive to create a good atmosphere of talent growth, so that both recruit and stay. Over the past few years, the company through a variety of ways from the country to absorb nearly 80 various types of talent, these talents not only in the company a career, for the company's development and make due contributions, and in the Changhe rooted The  
  First, rely on the cause of the atmosphere to retain talent. Changhe company to improve the economic level, through the benefits of agglomeration, value-added, to the community to provide "line" and "live" goods, the revitalization of national industry as the guiding ideology of enterprise development. We strive to use the purpose of this cause of cohesion, the past few years this idea has been rooted in the hearts of the Changhe, a long Changhe of common cause, the common ideal. In addition, although all kinds of talent into the Changhe company's ideas are not consistent, but to display their own talent, to achieve social contribution to the value of life goals are the same. So on the one hand we provide them with talent to provide the stage, so that their talent can be fully exploited, on the other hand the past few years the company's high-speed development, so that they see the enterprise's hope, exposure to this environment so that they have a sense of accomplishment, Fundamentally, the Changhe company to meet their pursuit of the highest realm of life.  
  Second, by the employment mechanism to retain talent. The slogan of the company is "unity is strength, knowledge is wealth." Over the past few years, we have a deeper understanding of the first productive forces of science and technology, more consciously respecting knowledge and respecting talents in action. In the use of talent, the establishment of the "who can, the flat let, Yongzhe the next" mechanism, completely get rid of the seniority of seniority, demolition of ideas on the fence. Our goal is to put every talent to the most talented post, no matter how much he can, we can provide enough space for the stage. In the Changhe company, the real talent will never be buried. For example, the current chief engineer of the company, is the first batch of recruitment in 2002 into the Changhe, he came to the company, led the technical staff to work creatively, excellent completion of the company's new product development work, in 2009 was Appointed as the company's chief engineer.
  Third, the development of policies so that talent can fully reflect their own value. We believe that policy is successful, directly related to the ability of all kinds of talent to play, good policy can inspire people's vitality and potential. First in the distribution of wages to the technical and management personnel tilt, according to the distribution of production according to the distribution of production elements initially combined, fully embodies the value of talent goods, fully embodies the wisdom of participation in the distribution. At present, the long Changhe company senior technical staff and senior technician's highest job grade salary to the general manager of the wage level.  
  Over the past few years, as we successfully implement the corporate talent strategy to develop human resources, talent development, for the development of enterprises to provide a guarantee of talent and intellectual support, which greatly promoted the development of enterprises. This year, the company is ready to re-development of the introduction of all kinds of senior personnel in 20, at the same time through the introduction of research institutions to attract foreign experts, private enterprises in the implementation of talent strategy to continue a new exploration.
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