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  Talent is Changhe electronic The most valuable resource, people-oriented is the cornerstone of Changhe electronic business.
  Changhe electronic advocate "the company people-oriented, employees can be a lesson, companies and employees to the cause of the source" concept of work, the formation of learning, professional, dedicated type of work team. Through various forms of training, improve the overall quality of the team, build the core team, to each employee comfortable and orderly working environment, safe and comfortable living space, tolerance, friendly interpersonal relationships, growing, real material and spirit Life, in the continuous development beyond the self to create extraordinary achievements and results.
  Enterprise development is the driving force of reform, the essence of innovation, the key in the talent, its core is to give full play to the creativity of talent, enthusiasm and initiative. Changhe electronic is committed to creating a fair, competitive, motivating, merit-based employment mechanism that creates a talented environment that sets the stage for talented people and creates a cradle of achievement.
  Changhe electronic "talented, promoted and reused; there is no talent, training use; no virtue, limited use, no virtue without talent, can not be retained." Good industry talent to join, for the river constantly inject fresh vitality of blood, Changhe electronic follow the employment concept, in the human resources management into the international management, how to use talent and play the potential of employees Has made remarkable achievements, so that the stability of the staff has remained at more than 97%.
  And how much effort, the success of how much career....Changhe electronic Thirst for talent to join!
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