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What effect does the storage environment have on the terminal block?

  Terminals are usually faced with a number of different environmental factors during transport and storage processes during the manufacturing process, during installation, maintenance and use of end customers. These environmental factors can be understood as a given situation, specifically can be divided into temperature, humidity, corrosion, pollution, internal and external conditions and human factors. It must also be defined in these environmental factors that are exposed to changing duration. Terminals have different storage environments, from controlled clean, heated or air-conditioned, damp warehouses, offices or factories to uncontrollable environments. In the case of heat, moisture or corrosion will seriously affect the terminal life. In these uncontrollable environments, the solderability of the storage life will be greatly reduced by the oxidation, corrosion, intermetallic compoundation; the surface and function of the metal device will be affected by rust, copper and other forms of corrosion ; Plastic as an insulating material will also be affected by the degradation of flexibility, strength, and shape. The terminal storage period can be long or short, long months, few years, weeks, weeks, some need for long-term inventory plans for customers, while others are under production.
  Terminals usually face a variety of environmental factors, these environmental factors can be understood as the established conditions, the specific can be divided into temperature, humidity, corrosion, pollution, internal and external conditions and human factors. It is also necessary to define the duration of exposure to these changing environmental conditions in these environmental factors. In business decision-making, reliability is a very important consideration. In the opinion of a quality engineer or a reliability engineer, the reliability should be defined as "the continued performance or maximum likelihood of zero-failure operation under established conditions" or "something is under certain conditions, at a particular interval The areas of reliability include the assessment and optimization of a variety of established factors, often determined by the interests of both the use of certain standardized or forthcoming methods. Some of the terminology such as "reduced rating", "failure rate" and so on are often used in the field of reliability. Often, reliability engineers and quality engineers certified by the American Quality Association have this expertise.
  Through the use of first-in first-out inventory strategy, traceable date tag system, appropriate packaging, anti-corrosion methods, improved storage conditions and the appropriate terminal materials and design, will improve the reliability of the terminal and extend the storage life. The transport environment concerns the problems caused by vibrations and collisions caused by transport vehicles and other mechanical devices, pavements, and loading and unloading tools during operation. While extreme temperatures are often combined and exacerbate the effects of vibration and collision. The terminals in the sea are often exposed to salt spray. Transport time is generally foreseeable, land and air transport is generally a few days, while the sea is up to January or months for a long time. Terminals and packaging materials in order to be intact during transport, must be anti-decomposition, anti-deformation, anti-corrosion and resistance to extrusion. The following measures are taken to improve the reliability of the transport so that the goods arrive at their destination: the use of reputable carriers, the use of appropriate packaging materials, solid inner and outer packaging boxes, suitable linings or fillers, necessary anti-corrosion measures and Proper terminal material and design.
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