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How to prevent the terminal of the fixed bad

Prevention of poor fixation
1, interchangeability check
Interchangeability check is a dynamic check. It requires the same series of plugs and sockets can be matched with each other to find out whether there is insulator, contact parts and other parts of the size of the poor, missing parts or assembly is not in place and other reasons can not be inserted, positioning and locking , Even in the role of the rotating force caused by the disintegration. Another function of the interchangeability check is through the thread, bayonet and other plug-in connection can be found in time to see whether there is the impact of insulation properties of metal residues. So for some important use of the terminal should be 100% of the project inspection, in order to avoid such a major fatal failure.
2, resistance to torque check
The torque check is a very effective method for checking the reliability of the terminal block. Such as the US military standard MIL-L-39012 standard according to the standard should be tested for each batch of samples for resistance to torque check, timely detection of the problem.
3, crimping wire pass test
In the electrical equipment often found that the individual core crimp wire is not in place, or sent to the bit after the lock, contact unreliable. The reason for the analysis is that there are burrs or dirty stuck at the holes of individual mounting holes. In particular, the use of the plant has been installed to a plug of the last few mounting holes, found the flaws had only been installed after the other hole crimp wire one by one unloading, re-replace the plug seat. In addition, due to the wire diameter and the choice of improperly coupled with the pressure, or due to crimping process operation errors, but also cause crimping end of the accident. To this end, the production plant in the finished product factory to the delivery of the plug (seat) of all samples of the installation hole through the test, that is, with a loading and unloading tool will be crimped with a pin or jack wire to send in place, check whether Locked. According to the technical conditions of the product, the pressure crush on the root of the wire to check.
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