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Terminals of the three core factors

With the increasing voice of environmental protection, the environmental requirements of the terminal is very necessary. Terminals must be designed and used to meet safety and environmental standards. Only meet the standards, to buy the rest assured, with the peace of mind, in order to avoid the hidden dangers of security incidents. General terminal manufacturers in the design of stereotypes when the implementation of the product is GB / T 5095-1997 electronic equipment with mechanical and electrical components (basic test procedures and measurement methods): UL486E, UL1059. At the same time, the halogen-free addition of the flame retardant, the non-toxicity of the conductor insulator, the lead-free coating and so on are all positive responses to this requirement.
A good terminal product is like a handicraft looks like a pleasing feeling; a lot of terminal companies that it looks in the product and the user's affinity has played an important role. Terminals must be easily installed on site, as they are often installed at the front of the easy-to-see product panel, so that marketers often have a say in the appearance of the terminal product.
Insulation materials to use flame-retardant engineering plastics, conductive materials, the copper must never use iron; terminal plastic insulation materials and conductive parts directly related to the quality of the terminals, which determine the terminal insulation and electrical conductivity. Any failure of a terminal will result in failure of the entire system engineering. The most hub is the thread processing of the terminal, thread processing is not good, the torque is not up to the words, then also lost the role of connecting the wire. Thread is the instrument on the terminal with the thread, so that the connection and the field joints, such as the industry some of the two-wire transmitter, commonly used wiring cable fixed connector thread specifications.
Modern terminal design, material selection and processing technology is the three core factors that affect the quality of the terminal block. At the same time, it is the prerequisite for the terminal manufacturers to decide the terminal design and selection process.
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