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How to prevent poor contact of the terminals

Causes of bad contact terminals:
The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal that transfers the voltage, current, or signal from the external wire or cable to the contact that corresponds to the connector. So the contact must have excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention and good electrical conductivity. As the contact structure design is unreasonable, the material selection error, mold instability, processing size tolerance, surface roughness, heat treatment plating and other surface treatment process is unreasonable, improper assembly, storage environment and improper operation, will be in contact with the Contact parts and mating parts caused by poor contact.
How to prevent poor contact terminals:
1, conduction detection
General terminal manufacturers product acceptance test no such project, and the user after the installation are generally required to conduct conduction detection. It is recommended that manufacturers of some key models of the product should be increased by 100% point by point detection.
2, cut off detection
Some terminals are used in dynamic vibration environments. Experiments show that only test static contact resistance is qualified, and can not guarantee the use of dynamic contact in a dynamic environment. Because, often contact resistance of the connector in the vibration, shock and other simulated environmental tests are still instantaneous power failure phenomenon, so some of the high reliability requirements of the terminal, it is best to 100% of its dynamic vibration test to assess its Contact reliability.
3, single hole separation force detection
The single-hole separation force is the separation force of the contact in the engaged state from static to movement, which is used to characterize the pin and the jack being in contact. Experiments show that: single hole separation force is too small, in the vibration, shock load may cause the signal off. It is effective to check the contact reliability with the measured contact resistance by measuring the separation force of the single hole. Check the hole to find the separation of single hole tolerance, measurement of contact resistance is often still qualified. To this end, the production plant in addition to research and development of a new generation of flexible interlocking contact with a stable and reliable contact, should not be used for key models using automatic insertion force test machine multi-point test, the finished product 100% Hole separation check to prevent the individual jacks caused by relaxation of the signal cut off.
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